PTO 26 - Already Remediated Properties, Failed remediations, Misc 7-8-12

PTO 1I Revised protocol for preservation of evidence 1-26-12

KPT Press Conference 12-15-12

Chinese Drywall - Condo Association Story and Triple Win Solution 4-14-11

Chinese Drywall - Promenade's Story Triple Win Solution

CPSC Update and HAHB Document Release 3-21-11

Knauf Settlement, CPSC update, IRS, Conference 10-18-10

Multiple Status Updates 7-11-10

CPSC Releases Interim Remediation Guidance 4-2-10

Message Regarding legislation for Chinese drywall 3-23-10

Summit Notes News and Information 3-9-10

Chinese Drywall Summit hosted by Indian River State College 1-6-10

Chinese Drywall Calim Deadline #2 - KPT and Others 12-17-09

Drywall Symposium Notes by Karen Scott 11-13-09

Major Deadline in Suit Regarding Knauf Drywall 11-8-09

CPSC Conference Call Today 10-30-09

Mortgage Forbearance on my Remediated Investment Condo 10-20-09

Preservation Order for Removing Drywall and Senator Aronberg Conference sent 9-24-09

Chinese drywall Newsletter - Multiple updates sent 9-16-09 

Protocol Seminar Re-cap and General Update on CDW; Sent 8-24-09

Chinese Drywall Protocol Seminar; Sent 7-31-09

Senator asks White House to step in; Sent 7-28-09

008 - Teflon Field Study 7-26-09

008a - CDS teflon field study

008b - Coated coil with corrosion

007 - General Legal Update 7-20-09

006 - Insurance company paying for Chinese drywall repairs 7-17-09

005 - Conference call with Bill Neslon's office on Promenade condos 7-10-09

005a -  CPSC Drywall Monthly Status Report

005b - FINAL Letter to IRS

004 - Newsletter June 09

004a - Chinese Drywall General Newsletter from AAM 6-24-09

003 - Senate Hearings 5-30-09

002 - Important Links 5-9-09

001 - News 4-14-09

Chinese Drywall Resources

Welcome to the Chinese drywall resource page full of valuable information and links.  Be sure to bookmark this page so you can return to it at your convenience.
The following agencies are recommended for those with positive results for the presence of tainted drywall:

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Hotline 
(800) 638-2772 or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 
Investigation Update 10-12-10

The Florida Department of Health
(850) 245-4111 or Florida Department of Health

On FDOH homepage there is a map that will link you to your local health department

Pre-Trial Order 26 for already remediated properties. Note the requirement for preservation of evidence and environmental certification (along with other items).

Settlement allocation. Reviews how they will allocate settlement funds which basically takes total money available divided by total square footage to be remediated to create $/Sf to be applied to each property owner.

KPT Settlement agreement (nothing new, just providing in case new to issue)

Foreclosure . This is an article and resource for assistance and financial help with foreclosure, even after the fact.

Environ's study: "Continued corrosion after removal of corrosive drywall".