What to Look For
Quick survey

  • Was your home built or did you have new drywall installed between 2001-2008?
  • Do you notice a certain smell or odor when first entering your home, especially when not running the A/C? Does this smell dissipate soon after you've been in the home? (It doesn't always have a smell, especially in partially tainted homes)
  • Have you had A/C problems?  Have you replaced your evaporator coils? 
  • Have you noticed your faucets corroding or do they have black spots that are hard to remove? 
  • Have you noticed blackened copper on refrigeration lines, wiring, plumbing or gas lines?

See comparison pictures below for a quick reference tool on what to look for and how to tell if you may be at risk.

The above is for typical cases of tainted Chinese drywall where it is prevelant throughout the home.  You may not have these signs if it is only in some sections of the home.  If you are concerned that you might have tainted Chinese drywall, let us provide you with a detailed report to give you the necessary documentation to handle the issue.  

fill out the contact page or call us at 772-224-8660 for more information.  We will do our best to contact you within 24 hrs.

Why do I need a professional report?
    1) Mortgage forbearance if applicable 
    2) Property tax reduction
    3) Legal representation in order to have a claim filed into one of the MDL 2047 Omnibus   complaints.* 
    4) Put your builder on notice if you purchased new
       (CDS recommends having an attorney write the letter to ensure it is completed properly)
    5) Be careful who you talk to in order to avoid unwanted exposure or media attention

*Do your homework before joining any class action suits or retaining an attorney to initiate a claim.

More information on Chinese Drywall can be viewed at www.chinesedrywall.com

Chinese Drywall Screening Photo Gallery:
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