Scope of Screening Services

What Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC will provide for you:

When you entrust our team to screen your home, you can expect top quality service and exceptional customer care.  Our inspection protocols are well established and are the best methods for accurate determination and reporting.  X-Ray Florescence (XRF) is utilized as necessary to help find Chinese drywall in blended homes as well as corroborating evidence in real estate transactions.  We utilize corrosion testing to verify corrosive drywall, especially when discovering unusal types or markings.  There are also Chinese types that have corrosive and non-corrosive varieties (Bedrock, Dragon, C&K).  It is important to accurately document the corrosive drywall accurately to avoid inaccuate claims or mis-diagnosis.  The mix of non-corrosive Chinese drywall with the presence of sulfurous well water would make for an incorrect diagnosis and hundreds of thousands in either lost value or incorrect remediation expenses. 

If you have signs of cdw from sulfurous well water, chlorides or other environmental issues, we can provide inspection services that would clear the property of cdw and qualify it for a full, no-deductible warranty, adding tens of thousands of dollars of value back into the property.

We will come to your property at a scheduled time set by you.  We will perform a series of non-destructive inspections throughout your property for issues and evidence of the effects related to the presence of corrosive drywall.  Upon confirmation of corrosive drywall, we can perform additional investigation to properly document the drywall markings for use by attorney's in order get your claim submitted into one of the current MDL 2047 Omnibus claims depending on the type of markings found.  

You will receive a detailed report including:

  • Overview of your situation
  • Complete summary and findings of the items/areas inspected
  • Photographs documenting the inspection
  • List of potential follow up action items
  • Resources and reference materials.


 Benefits of the report for confirmed tainted homes include:

  • Documentation for mortgage forbearances
  • Documentation for insurance claim submission
  • Documentation for attorney's use
  • Documentation for property appraisers office*
  • Documentation for income tax deductions**

Benefits of the report for confirmed clean homes include:

  • Documentation to lenders for re-financing, equity lines or home additions
  • Documentation for rental and sales listings
  • Documentation for tenant retention
  • Peace of mind

*Govenor Crist signed a bill to value homes at $0 (not including land) for property tax purposes.  Be sure to send them your report asap before state deadlines to save on property taxes.

**See resource page for an article on deducting losses against federal income taxes.

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