Post Remdediation Verification

The Knauf settlement and Judge Fallon's rulings require 3rd party clearance inspections by an engineer for remediating properties with corrosive drywall.     


Not only is it critical for resale value that the remediation is properly documented but also for claim resolution.  If the remediation is not done properly, no compensation may be provided but only an offer to re-gut the home.  Knauf does not want problem homes and will not provide settlements with a potential that a particular property will re-surface as an issue. 

The 3 items to address for every remediation to ensure that you won't have any issues incase protocols change are: Gases, Particulate and Bacteria.  Make sure all three are somehow addressed and documented.

Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC provides independent, 3rd party inspections by a licensed engineer that includes detailed documentation verifying that properties are free and clear from reactive or corrosive drywall.  Contact our office for more information.

Click here to view photo exhibit of a propery that was poorly cleaned and not micro cleaned.  The tops of framing would look fine from below but it is important to inspect closely and review hard to reach areas. 

There have been cases where the gypsum particulate was not thoroughly removed and cleaned leading to continued odors and corrosion. 


Are you remediating a property with Chinese or corrosive drywall?

Make sure you have the process thoroughly inspected and documented!

Insurance coverage is now available for remediation.  Visit for more info.
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