Preservation of Evidence


Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC provides third party documentation for the “Preservation of Evidence” for home and property owners as well as property managers, attorneys and contractors doing repair and remediation on properties with corrosive drywall also known as “Chinese” drywall.


“What people with Chinese or reactive drywall do not realize is that if they are going to remediate, sell or even walk away from a home in foreclosure, it is absolutely critical that they consult with their attorney and take steps to preserve evidence critical for any claims they might have, “according to Chinese Drywall Screening’s founder and owner Howard Ehrsam. 

The preservation services that Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC provides are based on Pre-Trial Order No. 1(I) through the United States District Court Eastern District of Louisiana. 

“It is critical home and property owners contact us to avoid “spoliation” of evidence.  Whether they treat their home or gut it, we must preserve the evidence in order to avoid manufacturers and suppliers from being able to say the evidence was destroyed or damaged unless strict adherence to the Pre-Trial order is strictly followed”, says Mr. Ehrsam.


Now Available:  May 2010 newsletter and updates.  Free update with valuable information for home and property owners, inspectors and contractors.  Click here for valuable PowerPoint by Healthy Home Solutions on the details of how to properly preserve evidence.

Are you selling, leaving or remediating a house with Chinese or corrosive drywall?

Make sure you preserve your evidence correctly!

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