Chinese Drywall Inspector Training

Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC has arranged for NACHI.TV to become the distributor of their comprehensive Chinese drywall screening inspectors training video for home inspectors nationally.


Due to the increased reporting of Chinese drywall from around the US, Chinese Drywall Screening’s owner and founder, Howard Ehrsam, realized that he could be providing realtors, home and property owners and managers throughout the country a great service by sharing his unique expertise with the people they trust in their buying and selling transactions - home and commercial property inspectors.

“Nothing is held back”, says Ehrsam.  “We opened up our training manual and shared our hard earned expertise.”


The training video includes background on Chinese or corrosive drywall as well as information on the right tools to use, how to work with home and property owners and managers and how to visually screen for corrosive drywall.  Ehrsam even goes into great detail on the effects of just a few sheets of tainted drywall and how it can subtlety disrupt and impact the mechanical and electrical components of a home.  

NACHI.TV provides training for members of International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).  InterNACHI is a non-profit inspection association that provides training and certification opportunities for professionals in the residential and commercial property inspection business. 

The Chinese drywall screening program provides 5 CLE’s for home inspectors who take the two hour program.



Now Available:  May 2010 newsletter and updates.  Free update with valuable information for home and property owners, inspectors and contractors.

Are you interested in becoming an inspector for Chinese drywall?

Chinese Drywall Screening's special training program is now available through NACHI.TV.

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