"The glory of a workman, still more of a master-workman, that he does his work well, ought to be his most precious possession; like the honor of a soldier, dearer to him than life." - Thomas Carlyle

Who is Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC?

Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC is a professional engineering firm with one of the most experienced teams of inspectors and consultants in the country covering areas throughout Florida and the southeast.  For whatever your needs are, call us for friendly customer service that will help you every step of the way.  Call today, toll free at 855-CDW-Help (855-239-4357). 

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Chinese Drywall Inspections

As a property owner, it's critical to have accurate and detailed documentation to get you through the process.  With Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC you will have a trustworthy advocate where and when you need us.  Our team of highly trained inspectors have screened over 2,500 homes and commercial properties with over a 1,000 cases filed in the MDL.  We continue to be on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing issue.
here for PowerPoint on cdw assessments that Howard presented at the 2010 ASTM meeting!

Problems with Chinese Drywall (Chinese Dry Wall)

It's important to note that not all homes that contain Chinese drywall are problematic.  However, your home may have tainted drywall even though you do not notice a smell or do not have any symptoms yet.  Time is of the essence because your builder may have a limited amount of funds to make repairs and the deadlines set by federal district litigation for claim submission

Knauf Drywall Remediation Program (Knauf Dry Wall)

Knauf is one of the manufactures that has actually started a remediation program to fully replace all the drywall and restore the property.  Other manufacturers may follow suit.  Therefore, it is critical to not only know if you have corrosive drywall but which manufacturer it is.  Most homes have multiple types that can complicate the assessment and claim.  It is critical to get properly documented and have your claim submitted into the MDL.  Contact us for more information. 

Chinese Drywall, China Drywall

Our mission is to empower the client with accurate information and documentation that meets their specific needs.  We respect the unfortunate position of the builders and contractors that are caught in the middle of this challenging issue.  We are also sensitive to the confidential nature of the issue to avoid unwanted attention, unnecessary concerns and negative publicity.

For a list of our services please download our full brochure.  

Chinese Drywall Inspectors

When you entrust our team to screen your property you can expect top quality service and exceptional customer care. Our inspection protocols that include visual inspection along with label identification, XRF and corrosion testing are well established and are the best methods for accurate determination and reporting. We provide a detailed report and a photographic record of the inspection and its results.

This report is critical for dealing with lenders, insurance companies, builders and attorneys. There are many false positives and false negatives with various
inspection techniques. It's critical to have a comprehensive understanding of Chinese and corrosive drywall as well as a thorough inspection and testing techniques in order to properly draw accurate conclusions.

Mitigation Inspection Experts

Attorney's, Banks, Realtors, Insurance Agents, Brokers, etc. - Contact us about our special programs for training, seminars, inspections and preservation of evidence services for reactive Chinese drywall that can be customized to fit your special requirements.  See CDS Brochure of Services

Preservation of Evidence
- If you have tainted Chinese drywall and are planning to remediate, repair or remodel your home, preservation of evidence is needed to protect your interests if you are pursing any type of legal action.    The Pre-Trial Order No. 1(I) through the United States District Court Eastern District of Louisiana must be strictly followed.  Having an independent third party professional properly preserving your evidence is critical.  If this is not performed or done correctly, you could jeopardize the evidence.  The manufacturers and suppliers may claim the evidence was damaged and avoid compensating your for your losses.  For more information please go to our menu and "click" on "Preservation of Evidence".

Environmental Certification aka Post Remediation Verification (PRV) -  Would you trust the company that you sued to manage the remediation and the certification to ensure it is done properly?  Whether getting remediated through the Knauf Pilot Program or hiring your own GC, we can customize our services to meet your needs.  Click "Remediation Clearance" on the menu bar for more information and what to watch out for.

Home Inspectors Training -  As an industry leader CDS, LLC provides inspector/professional training for Chinese drywall - click on "Inspector Training" on the navigation bar.  

Call today or fill out the contact page, we will contact you ASAP.

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Links to Chinese Drywall Screening, LLC in the news.....

CDS on NBC WPTV Channel 5
Howard Ehrsam featured on a special Consumer Watchdog story by Jenn Strathman "Defective and costly Chinese drywall still in South Florida homes surprising homeowners"

CDS on ABC Channel 10
Howard Ehrsam featured on nations first home being remediated through Knauf's pilot program.  CDS performed assessment and preservation services for the homeowner and attorney.

CDS featured on Fox 35 News in Orlando
Howard Ehrsam being interviewed during a news story on Lennar having 400 tainted homes.

CDS featured on ABC News Nightline 
In depth national news feature following Howard Ehrsam on location during a screening and providing expert information.

CDS featured on Channel 25 regarding Real Estate Transactions

“Ehrsam, a certified general contractor, works alongside a traditional home inspector
examining the Port St. Lucie house.”


CDS featured in the Palm Beach Post
TCPalm: "Chinese Drywall Screening LLC has documented about 100 homes in Port St. Lucie with the Chinese drywall, said Howard Ehrsam, a civil engineer who founded
the company."


CDS featured in the Palm Beach Post

”Chinese Drywall Screening, started in mid-January by Howard Ehrsam, is one of the first commercial enterprises to spring up in the wake of concerns about drywall.”


CDS featured on Channel 25 as expert regarding Chinese drywall
Howard Ehrsam is a Chinese drywall screener. He said the drywall could be the cause of the residents' problems. "The gases will react with copper and blacken the wires," he said. "It will even de-laminate mirrors and corrode faucets, anything that's metal to the corrosion effects."


CDS featured in Time Magazine

Howard Ehrsam of Chinese Drywall Screening removes an electrical plate to see if the receptacles show any signs of Chinese drywall in a home in Port St. Lucie, Fla.


CDS featured in Christian Science Monitor
"The builders are victims too," says Howard Ehrsam, a civil engineer who founded Chinese Drywall Screening, of Port St Lucie, Florida, to meet growing demand from homeowners for diagnosis and advice. Insurance companies "don't know what to do," he says, since contaminated drywall counts neither as a covered peril nor as an exclusion. He adds: "I've never seen a crisis in the construction industry to this degree ... this is widespread and far-reaching."

 CDS featured in The Real Deal

”Chinese Drywall Screening, started in mid-January by Howard Ehrsam, is one of the first commercial enterprises to spring up in the wake of concerns about drywall.”

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